10 Methods Of Controlling High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Controlling High Blood Pressure

Unbelievable Causes of High Blood Pressure and Possible Cure

High blood pressure is precisely one of the most popular and deadly diseases in the world currently; high blood pressure kills millions of people annually, both young and old. It is very difficult to recognize the symptoms of high blood pressure because all the symptoms are related to numerous and common diseases like malaria, headache, fever, and others.

Suppose you are currently suffering from high blood pressure. In that case, this informative article is for because at the end of this article you will know how to manage high blood pressure without medication; this will article be helpful for you and other people with high blood pressure because it will help them to save medical cost and helps to live a healthy life.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drinks that damage any part of the body; if you want to reduce and put high blood pressure under good control, then you need to stop drinking alcohol.

Discuss extensively with your doctor; he or she will recommend the better drink that you can use for alcohol replacement; fruit drink is the best alcohol alternative.

Regular Exercise

Either you are young or old, sick or not, exercise is good for you, both human beings and other animals need regular exercise, we must exercise our body for at least 150 minutes a week, or 30 minutes daily.

If you follow this simple and easy instruction, you will be able to control and drop your blood pressure by roughly five to eight mm Hg.

You can be walking instead of driving, engage in numerous household chores, work in your garden, play with numerous team sport, and other forms of exercise.

Regular exercise is a must for you if you want to lower your blood pressure without any medication. Keep more effort and don’t stop the daily exercise; if you stop, then your blood pressure will rise again within a short time.

Eat More Garlic Or Increase The In Take Of Any Garlic Extract Supplements

Garlic is one of the common nutritious foods that help to reduce high blood pressure; consume more fresh garlic or garlic extract supplement, with both, you can reduce your blood pressure.

There are several clinical studies, show the effect of garlic and garlic powder supplements on blood pressure. In 2012 there a study of 87 people with high blood pressure that was lower by 12 mm Hg after the consumption of garlic without any additional pill or treatment compared to those who don’t consume garlic.

Lose Weight

This is not for everyone; it is only for overweight high blood pressure patient; if you are overweight and also suffering from high blood pressure, make sure you reduce your weight, either naturally or by making use of the available and safe weight loss pills, supplements and other weight loss materials.

Take all the available weight-loss food that will allow you to lose weight within a short time, without stress or side effects.

Numerous studies show how weight-loss diets can reduce blood pressure with an average of 3.2 mm Hg diastolic and 4.5 mm Hg systolic.

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is healthy, but dark chocolate is healthier; dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure because dark chocolate contains over 60 to 70 percent cocoa.

Dark chocolate’s benefits come from flavonoids that are in it with more solid cocoa. These flavonoids help dilate or widen the blood vessels and give you low blood pressure within a short period.

Eat Less Sodium and More Potassium

If you want to decrease your blood pressure, reduce the intake of sodium, started taking more potassium, and also diminish the intake of salt in your foods, snacks, and more.

Potassium reduces the lessens of salt in your body system also reduces the tension in your blood vessels.

People with any kidney disease should consult their doctor before increase the intake of potassium because it may be harmful to them.

Eat More Protein and Reduce Carbohydrates Intake

Eat more salmon or canned tuna,

eggs, chicken breast beef, kidney beans and lentils, peanut butter chickpeas, and more.

In Conclusion

High blood pressure is one of the fastest killing diseases in the world. Currently, it kills millions of people in every country of the world.

Before thinking of controlling high blood pressure without medication, make sure you take your drug first; when the drug has reduced it to some level, now you can low it without medication, consult your doctor before you start.

Stop eating fast food, any food, or snacks with excess sugar; if you don’t stop, then this article can’t work for you. Go for a regular medical checkup during the process of reducing your blood pressure without medication.

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