7 tips – What to do When Sex With Your Spouse Gets Boring – Boring Sex Life

Boring Sex Life

Can Couples Get Back to their Honeymoon Sensations?

Boring Sex Life – A great number of couples discover that after several months or years into their union, they lose the delight that they started out with. This is perfectly normal, as every relationship has its ups and downs. Couples also discover, over time, that they have incompatible sexual desires. Dividing their attention to children, family, work, as well as school or other life events can take partners` focus, and as a result, upset their sex drive.

Boring Sex Life
Boring Sex Life

With the right actions and mindset, you can get that honeymoon feeling back. Let’s see how!

How to Work on a Boring Sex Life

Discuss it with Your Partner

You need to discuss this issue with your partner, and no, it is not the time to find who the blame comes from. Do not blame your partner for anything, and forget about finding faults in each other. The tenacity of this discussion is for you both to better understand the problem and find possible solutions to it.

Make a Date

Once you both have had the time to talk, you should not forget to talk about your schedules as well. Find out when you are both free and make the most out of it. Take the available energy, time, and emotional capacity to be there for each other, and make a date.

Build Keenness

Be eager to be on the date with your partner. You should also text romantic messages and say romantic things to provoke your partner’s interest in the date. You may even try your best to make sure the mood is right by taking a bath together, playing some music that you both enjoy, or even making breakfast together.

Prioritize Pleasure Over Performance

Concentrate your mind on building bodily cognizance and learning what is pleasurable to you and your partner. Touch your partner for about ten minutes without having them respond. Watch how they react to your touch, then switch roles. Share your actions with one other, and frankly discuss what you found most pleasurable and what didn’t work for you.

Be Unswerving

Practice attentive touches consistently for a while before presenting genital touch or penetrative sex. Re-experiencing each other’s sexuality should not be one-off. Go on touching each other and keep appraising the experience. You may also try other forms of outercourse as you make headway. So you should be constant and purposeful about this as your sexuality and relationship get revived.

Do an Appropriate Assessment

During the rekindling process, you should both do a cautious analysis of how you feel like a couple and as individuals. Significant questions you should answer during this phase are?

You might find it helpful to also ask yourself:

·         What were my original expectations of my spouse?

·         Are there dislikes that might get in the way of sexual satisfaction with my spouse?

·         How is my mental, emotional, and physical health?

·         What stressors am I going through? And how have I been handling them?

·         Have I experienced any serious changes that could be affecting my libido?

Your partner, too, should answer these questions for themselves as well. When you are done, go ahead and discuss our replies as you both talk through your findings. You may, after this tête-à-tête, decide to see a shrink for medical help.

Foods that Boost Libido

It is not enough to only talk about these things. In addition to the steps you have just gone through, which to a huge extent, will deal with mental issues that may be upsetting your sex life, there is also a nutritional part to look into. Let us immediately take a look at a few foods that will generally boost your libido and possibly endear you better to your partner.

Fatty Fish

You probably may not know that sardines, wild salmon, and tuna are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and these fatty acids increase the dopamine levels in the brain. Yup, it is that spike in dopamine that enhances blood circulation, thus triggering arousal. Dopamine escalates relaxation and may also make you feel more attached to your spouse.

Seeds and Nuts

Try eating pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and hazelnuts, as they will increase your libido and even enhance sperm quality. These nuts are predominantly rich in zinc and amino acid, so you have so much to get from them beyond the sexual benefit.


Apples are super-duper-rich in quercetin, which is deliberated to be a sex antioxidant because it takes care of the symptoms of sex-related illnesses. It also surges the circulation of blood throughout the body. What’s more? Apples are also rich in flavonoids, which are sufficient for erectile dysfunction treatment.

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