Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Depression

 How to Overcome Depression

Depression is more than feeling unhappy. Before you can overcome depression, you need to solve any problem that causes your unhappiness. It may be any problem like loss of job, breakup, death of loved ones, and more.

Depression is a disease that doesn’t require drugs only. Numerous things should be done before you can overcome depression.

If you feel depressed currently and want to overcome this long-time unhappiness, you need to read this blog post to the last paragraph.

Millions of people are currently living with depression. The most fun part is that some of them don’t even know because they don’t know the difference between depression and little or just unhappiness.

Firstly, let talk about the causes of depression.

Causes of Depression

There are numerous causes of depression, but these are the most common or popular causes of depression.

Medical Condition

There is some medical condition that may put you in a higher risk of depression, these medical conditions include insomnia, chronic illness, chronic pain, or more.

Mental Illness

Mental illness is also one of the main causes of depression, a former or currently mental disorder patient may have a higher risk of depression.

Family History

You may have a higher risk of developing depression if you have a history of depression in your family history.


Misuse or overdue drug may also cause depression, this is very common among male adult who consumes hard drugs, alcohol, and others.

Symptoms of Depression

There are numerous symptoms of depression, but these are the most common or popular symptoms of depression.

Reduced Sexual Desire

Lack of sexual performance or reduced sexual desire is common among adult men and women suffering from depression.


Most depressed individuals have numerous pains in any part of their body, digestive problems, headache, and others.

Strange Behavior

They develop strange behaviors like loss of interest, feeling tired easily, suicide thought, they will no longer be finding pleasure in their favorite activities like before, engaging in high-risk activities, and more.

Strange Mood

Almost all depressed people are angry, feeling sad, feeling hopeless, feeling empty, and another mood like aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, restlessness, and more.


Most depressed people find it difficult to sleep well at night.

Treatment of Depression

Depression is a health disorder that can’t be treated with drugs only. As an individual, you need to solve all the issues that cause unhappiness either physically, emotionally, and socially.

Consult Your Doctor

Always consult your doctor, explain your state of mind to your doctor, he or she will run a lab test or ask some questions that will provide some information about your health and they will be able to prescribe the right drug that will cure your depression within a short time.


Regular exercise has several benefits for you, it can also help you to overcome depression, engage in regular exercise helps to releases endorphins, that will improve your immunity and mood naturally, aside from that regular exercise also some other health benefits, like protecting against cancer and heart disease, lowering blood pressure, boosting self-esteem, burning fat, and more.

It is prescribed to spend at least 30 minutes to one hour of physical exercise every day.


Several supplements are capable of treating depression effectively. This medication includes antidepressants, antianxiety, antipsychotic, and other related medications.

Connect with Friends and Family

Although this may be hard for you because of one or two reasons, you just have to do, connect with your family and friends, especially those who are very close to you at some point in your life, contact them, visit, play with them.

Make sure you are not alone, go out, socialize yourself with your loved ones, you can even make new friends if your family or friends are far away from you.

This will boost your mood and will return your state of mind for bad or good within a short time.

Forgive Others

If you want to overcome depression, make sure you forgive those that offend you and also ask forgiveness from others.

You will be happier if you can do this because if you hold a grudge, you are the one that feels the anger.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeplessness is one of the dominant causes of depression. Make sure you get adequate sleep, it will reduce your daily stress, and you will become healthier when you sleep well, especially at night.

Stop the Negative Self-Talk and Thinking

Almost all depressed people think or always talk about negative things, either bad events that happened to them in the past or even bad things that don’t exist.

You need to stop blaming yourself or others about any issue, start thinking about good things, talk to yourself or others about good things, and you will overcome depression as you stop thinking or talking about negative things.

In Conclusion

Depression is a health illness that can be overcome even without any drug. If you can practice all that is mentioned in this blog post, you will be able to overcome depression with a few months.


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