Effective Methods Of Getting Rid Of Head Lice

 Effective Methods Of Getting Rid Of Head Lice

Effective Methods Of Getting Rid Of Head Lice

Head lice is one of the most popular health issue that affect both adults and children, it is very dangerous health problem, it has killed a lot of people. If you are currently suffering from head lice, then you are lucky to locate this article, if you want to overcome head lice, then you need to read this article to the end, so that you can get rid of head lice within few weeks.

According to numerous source; Head lices are very tinning parasitic insects that live on human hair, some live on the eyebrows, eyelashes, and other parts of the body with hair. These head lice mostly feed on little amounts of blood that they draw from the scalp.

When To Treat Head Lice

In case you see lice on your friend, relative or child’s head, then head lice must be treated.

Most importantly, if you shares a bed with someone that’s currently living with lice, you should check and treat head lice immediately.

If you live or have close contact with anyone who has head lice, then you

need to be checked and treat head lice, if it’s found in your hair.

According to expert, head lice  don’t carry additional disease, you can contact it by sharing a bed with someone that has head lice, and they doesn’t mean that they lack good hygiene, in case you share comb with anyone that have head lice, most time all you need to use is just lice comb to comb out all adult lice, nymphs and nits out of your hair, you can also to this, if your family or friends that get in contact with anyone with head lice.

If your children just arrived from an overnight stay with friends or their teacher told you that one of your children has lice, what you need to do immediately is to make use of the available comb to out the lice in your child’s hair, at least three times daily, it is very easy and simple to cure head lice as the early stages.

Effective Methods Of Getting Rid Of Head Lice


Combing is the best and most effective method of getting rid of head lice immediately it enter your hair, if you comb your hair thoroughly you will be able to comb it out, within few minutes, this should be your first method of treating head lice.

Wet combing is more effective than just combing, it the one of the most popular method of removing lice from the


According to the British Medical Journal, wet combing method have numerous benefits like making the lice more distinguishing the hair lace from dandruff, visible, it is also affordable because you don’t need to buy any drug.

Keep Your Environment Clean

When treating hair lice, it is very important to keep your environment clean, although your hygiene has nothing to do with lice, but always take your time to clean your home, office and other places, also wash your hair regularly even more than before.

Essential Oil

You can make use of essential oils to get rid of lice within short time, although there are numerous essential oils in the market currently both online and offline, make sure you read customer reviews before buying any essential oils, you can also consult your doctor, he or she will recommend the best and quality essential oils for you.

You can make use of essential oils with combing, with this simple method you can remove head lice your hair.

It is very important to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before using, then add little drop of the diluted mixture on the back of your hand or child’s hand, not if there is no reaction on your hand, then the essential oil is safe and you can now use it on your hair, although there is no exactly research that essential oils prove that essential oils are completely safe for children, but it is safe for adults.

There are several children that have strange reactions to these essential

oils, especially tea tree oil, in case your child is allergic to one, don’t use it for him or her.

These are the list of essential oils that

effectiven for head lice;

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Nutmeg Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Aniseed Oil
  • Neem Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  • Red Thyme Oil
  • Lavender oil and more.

Smothering Agents

If you want to suffocate and kill the head lice, then you can add a lot of greasy substance on your scalp, then cover it with a shower cap, most times especially at night you can leave it on while you sleep, you can also make use of petroleum jelly and other related and effective products.

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