5 Incredible Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil in a brown bottle

5 Incredible Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

The palm kernel oil is obtained from a palm tree. The palm tree is a plant of the family Arecaceae. It is the only member of the family Arecaceae.

There are 2000 species of palm trees; the natural palm tree, date palm and coconut palm. They grow in hot climatic habitats. The palm tree is used in gardens and parks for beautification. In ancient times, the palm symbolized victory, fertility and peace. However, they are now used as signs of parks and vacations.

So many products can be derived from our tree: palm oil, wood or planks, palm wine, broom, frond stall, Mats, baskets, and palm kernels. The list goes on and on. It is an underrated type of oil.

Specifically, this article will address the palm tree’s most important part, the palm kernel. We have palm oil, shaft and kernel oil from the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil, specifically, is loaded with benefits, which we will be treated in this article.

However, let’s see the chemical composite of our subject, palm kernel oil. It (PKO) contains primarily triglycerides with short-chain fatty acids. Nearly 64% consist of lauric (C12) and myristic (C14) acids. The melting profiles of PKO and stearins (PKOS) are very steep and sharply melting. This means the oil gives the tongue a cooling sensation.

-What products can be obtained from the palm kernel?

After extracting the palm oil from the fruit, the seed left is what we call the palm kernel. There are various products we can get from it. The most important is the oil; we can make palm kernel meal, olein, and stearic acids—these products of excellent benefits for man and animals.

-What are the benefits of palm kernel oil?

Switching from other oils to palm kernel oil helps to nourish your body and prevent many diseases. Many benefits are present in palm kernel but not publicly to the populations. It is an excellent hack to a healthy body system; these benefits are:

  • It contains zero cholesterol
  • It is loaded with antioxidants
  • It enhances hair growth
  • It keeps the skin and body youthful and supple
  • It contains no trans-fat
  • It has incredible healing properties


Zero cholesterol

Palm oil does not contain cholesterol. Unlike lards, butter, and vegetable oil, its properties have no linkage to cholesterol. This makes them an excellent replacement for other cooking oils since they contain no cholesterol. It shows no potential of causing any heart-related illnesses, that as no arteriosclerosis, heart attack, or others. For those with heart diseases, switching to palm kernel oil is safe for a healthier heart.

Asides from preventing you from cholesterol, palm kernel is an excellent source of unsaturated fat and a medium chain of fatty acids. This makes it excellent for cooking oil replacements to give healthier bones and better joints. The oil has been shown to protect the heart from ischemic injuries. It has a low cholesterol dietary value compared to other oils.

Palm kernel oil nourishes the skin

Loaded with antioxidants

Kernel oil is filled with antioxidants that prevent aging and the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Asides from making you look young, it prevents acne breakouts, giving fresh and smooth skin. It also contains vitamin E and tocotrienol; these two work the miracle of its exceptional anti-aging properties.

Various cosmetic industries exploit this oil for soaps and moisturizing creams. Palm kernel oil prevents damaging effects on the skin due to UV light. Aside from that, the oil is an excellent remedy for epilepsy and cough. Palm kernel oil mixed with sugar or honey helps relieve cough.


Fast hair growth

Have you constantly been experiencing tinning and fallouts out of your hair? Well, weep no more because palm kernel oil is here. Kernel oil has proven itself again; it increases hair growth. No more hair breakages or fallouts. It thoroughly conditions the hair, thickens it, and gives it a shiny finish.

Kernel oil is also used for hot oil treatment due to its growth catalytic properties.

Naturally youthful body and supple skin

Aside from giving long shiny hair a unique anti-aged face, kernel oil also contains vitamins A, E, and K. These vitamins are essential for the skin’s soft, glossy, and supple look. Asides from that, those with skin allergies can get relief from applying the oil to affected areas. You get a nice look, healthy skin, strong bones, and a body.

The presence of vitamin A in palm kernel oil gives excellent eyesight. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, helps prevent vision disorders such as night blindness. Vitamin K is another essential coenzyme for the body, which helps build stronger bones and teeth. , vitamin K is also a blood coagulant whose deficiency causes hemorrhage. Inadvertently, palm kernel oil helps heal wounds and prevents blood loss due to bleeding.

Zero trans-fat palm kernel oil is highly recommended for people trying to shed extra pounds. Palm kernel oil doesn’t contain any trans-fat compound making it safe for consumption as it doesn’t heighten your calorie intake. If you are planning to lose weight and keep oil at a minimum, I recommend using palm kernel oil due to this property.

The high nutritional value of palm kernel oil cannot be overcompensated. It contains palmitic acid, an essential constituent for a healthy body.

Healing properties

Palm kernel oil has also earned praise for focusing on convulsions in children, healing rheumatic, and treating scorpion bites. Palm kernel oil can help prevent cancers, rheumatism, and cyanide poisoning and treat malaria. The benefits embedded in this oil are astounding.

What other benefits does palm kernel have?

Palm kernel has another product, though it by product but is essential for livestock and animal nutritional diet. This product is called palm kernel meal. For feed millers, it’s also called palm kernel cake (PKC), though PKC has high oil content compared to palm kernel meal.

Palm kernel meal is high in protein and fiber content. This is usually fed to cattle. Also, PKC is fed to mostly poultry birds. This helps to prevent constipation and aids proper food. For male herds fed with palm kernel meal, it’s been proven that palm kernel meal helps increase sperm count and improves sperm vitality. However, palm kernel meal helps provide energy, protein, and minerals for livestock.

Whenever you see a whole bunch of palm kernels around, you should know that palm kernel is a gold mine; look at its benefits to the body alone, not to talk of your agricultural produce.




Asides from the palm kernel meal, we also have the palm kernel shell. Traditionally, the palm kernel shell is used as biomass for fuel. It’s easily inflammable. However, it can be used on an industrial scale to generate renewable energy from steam-run turbines. Research has also shown that Malaysia and Indonesia export about 15 million tons of palm kernel shells to Europe and Asian countries. This alone has reduced the rate of deforestation for biomass fuel or energy.

Also, the palm kernel shell can be used for fertilizer. The ashes can be gathered and used for fertilizers when the shell is burned. Palm kernel shell ash (PKSA) has proven to benefit the soil and improve plant growth, especially for soils with high acidity. Asides from that, the ash also has high pozzolanic properties. It can be used to replace cement that hardens moisture.

Additionally, the shell can be used for grit for un-motorable roads to help gain vehicular traction on the road. The use of palm kernel shells as biomass fuel has shown little to no greenhouse gas emissions due to carbon-neutral properties. Ridiculously, a derivative of palmitic acid can be combined with naphtha to produce napalm (an incendiary bomb). This was used in World War II.

Palm kernel oil: Overview

Palm kernel oil and extract of the palm kernel seed possess high dietary value in the food sciences. It is perfect for frying due to its unsaturated fatty acid content. It’s a mixture of liquid oil or palm oil used in ice creams and chocolate bars to give it a light consistency with slight brittleness. It’s contained in food such as; potato chips, candy, margarine, chocolate, bread, peanut butter, baby formula, ice cream, and vegan cheese.

Aside from that, in the cosmetic industry, palm kernel oil is very versatile. Products such as facial wipes, eyeliners, shampoo and conditioner, makeup such as mascara, foundation, concealer, lipstick, pressed eye shadows, eye pencils, skincare, perfume, sunscreen, facial wipes, toothpaste, soap and laundry detergent. Palm kernel oil is contained in one-third of the products in the cosmetics industry on a global scale.

Palm kernel oil is a versatile, hydrating merchandise. Its emollient looks alone will make you love it. Palm kernel contains nutrients and elements that support well-being, with loaded benefits. Choose not to miss it. Spice up your cooking experience with palm kernel; it has a soothing taste on the tongue and benefits the body. Just as it has its industrial benefits, it contributes to healthy living. Stay safe and stay healthy. Your health is your wealth. Your health.