Fruits That Promote Quality And Last Long Night Sleep

Fruits That Promote Quality And Last Long Night Sleep

This article is all about the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, Did you know that fruit can help you to sleep for more hours.

Insomnia is a popular health issue that affect millions of people around the world, currently there are numerous drugs that can make you fall asleep or increase your sleeping time, but these drugs or supplements comes with several side effects that is very harmful for your health. Aside from that, there are several fake and substandard individuals or companies that produces fake insomnia drug because the demand is so high of the drug.

There are numerous research that shows that anti-insomnia drug is dangerous for you, to solve this popular problem that is why I’m writing this article to inform you about the effective fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep. Eating these fruit is the best solution to replace all drugs and supplements that comes with numerous side effects.

There are several health benefits that comes with it when you replace that sleep pills with fruits. Firstly, fruit is completely natural and it doesn’t have any side effects, secondly fruit is more cheaper and easier to get compare to some sleeping pills.

If you want to know the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, then you need to read this article to the end, so that you will be able to stop taking that drug and started eating the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep.

Fruits That Promote Quality Sleep And Long Lasting Night Sleep


Pineapples is the first on my list for the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, it is a great melatonin-boosting, aside from that it has several health benefits.

Pineapples is one of the major ingredients of many sleeping supplement because it stop insomnia. Study that measured the amount of aMT6-s in the body shows an increase of over 266 percent in melatonin after test subjects ate

pineapples compared to 180 percent increase with those who ate bananas and 47 percent increase with those who ate oranges. Pineapples help in digestion if you have any tummy problem cause you to toss and turn ati night

Both pineapples and pineapples juice work wonder in increasing your sleeping hours, you can take your pineapples juice few hours before going to bed, do it this everyday for one week and you will forget that your sleeping pill that you can’t sleep without now.


Carrot is a popular and nutritious fruit, it is a greater source of alpha-carotene that is associated with quality and better sleep.

Over the years, carrot has the most potent source of the powerful carotenoid, followed by pumpkin. Either you eat carrots in raw, cooked, or drink carrot juice, it will help you to fall asleep quickly and increase your sleep quality.

You can add carrot into your meal, if you don’t like to eat it alone.


Bananas is one the list of the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, it a great source of vitamin B6 that helps you to raises serotonin levels the relaxinge neurotransmitters that disturb night sleep.

Both potassium and magnesium are available in this fruit, it help relax all overstressed muscles, incase you can’t sleep because of restless leg syndrome.

Banana contain the amino acid tryptophan, that help the body converts to serotonin and melatonin more faster. Eat at least three banana during the daylight so that it can improve and increase your sleeping hours at night.


Oranges is also one of the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, this amazing fruit helps to increase the melatonin in your body by 47 percent, aside from that, orange is a great source of B vitamins, that will help to increase your sleeping sleep hours, it also reduce anxiety and depression which are the major causes of sleeplessness.

Orange is one of the effective fruits that helps to improve and regulate sleep and wake cycle,

You can eat at least two oranges in the morning or afternoon, it will replace that drugs with several side effects then give you quality and long lasting night sleeping hours.


Cherries is one of the fruits that promote quality and long lasting night sleep, especially sour ones like Montmorency variety because they  are one of the cherries that has the highest natural food sources of melatonin.

Several health studies shows that cherries can boost the circulating melatonin after consumption of cherries, likewise other cherries like sweet cherries have half them melatonin content as sour cherries.

You can eat at least three cherries during the daylight, or take a glass of cherry juice, you should avoid dried cherries because it contain no melatonin.

These are the most effective fruits that can increase your night sleep hours, although there are other fruits that can also the fruits that promote quality sleep and long lasting night sleep.

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