8 Natural And Medication Method: How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch mark is one of the skin problems that affect both men and women although they affect women the most especially nursing mother or pregnant women. In this informative article I will explain in detail how can I get rid of stretch marks naturally and with medication. Make sure you read this article to the end so that you will understand how you can get rid of stretch marks without spending a huge amount of money.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are streaks that show on your body, especially on your stomach, breasts, hips, butt, and thighs and other parts of your body. Stretch marks are in form of long, thin, rippled marks, aside from stretch marks is also known as stria. Stretch marks are capable of causing several arms on your skin and health as a whole.

Stretch Mark Symptoms

There are several symptoms of stretch marks, is develop on your screen little by little started with itchy, rippled, and streaky lines in your skin before they begin to appear in different colors.

Most stretch marks are in form of red or pink color before they grow to become purplish-blue to thinner, pale. Stretch marks can appear in any part of the body but they usually appear in your

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach

Stretch Marks Risk Factor

There are several risk factor that comes with stretch marks

Your body will begin to develop stretch marks when it begins to grow quickly for several reasons mostly depending on your lifestyle and health.

Collagen is one of the proteins that make your skin more elastic, you will begin to develop stretch marks as soon as you don’t have enough collagen.

Aside from, collagen, there are other causes of stretch marks.

  • Being overweight or with weight gain is also one of the major causes of stretch marks.
  • You can also develop stretch marks as a result of pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks can also run through families, if any of your family members is living with stretch marks then you are at higher risk of developing stretch marks any time very soon.
  • Breast implant surgery
  • Bodybuilding, even if you are not fat.
  • High amounts of steroids.
  • Marfan syndrome, a disease that weakens your skin fibers and also causes unusual growth.
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most effective natural remedies to get rid of stretch marks. There are several research that shows that aloe vera is capable of treating several skin disease including stretch marks.

The jelly in the aloe vera plant can be applied directly to the skin to soothe and moisturize.

Research in from 2018 suggests that aloe vera can helps skin heal from burns and wounds.

There are several clinical evidence that proves that aloe vera can cure stretch marks. If you want to use aloe vera jelly to get rid of your stretch marks it is very important to make use of authentic or high-quality aloe vera gel. Natural aloe vera gel is advisable although you can also use several products that are manufactured with aloe vera gel. These health and beauty products are available in retailer stores both online and offline.


Do you know that you can get rid of your stretch marks with sugar? Yes, it is possible to get rid of stretch marks with sugar because sugar is a popular exfoliator. The small crystals gently scrub away dead skin and leave making it smoother.

Microdermabrasion performed by a dermatologist is one of the few medical methods to get rid of stretch marks. Using sugar as the home remedy version of exfoliation seems worth a try.

To use sugar to get rid of stretch marks follow this simple instruction

  1. Mix 1 or 2 cups sugar with like almond oil or coconut oil. Mix both oils into sugar, for a few minutes. Until it looks like wet beach sand.
  2. Then you need to add up to 1/2 cup of oil in total.
  3. Now rub the mixture on your stomach leg and other parts of the body where stretch marks are.
  4. You need to replace this process 2 or 3 times per week while in the shower or bath.

After a few minutes, you need to rinse the affected area with warm water.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also one of the most effective natural remedies for stretch marks. Virgin coconut oil comes with several benefits for the skin that will help maintain your skin’s protective barrier.

Research in 2018 suggested that coconut oil is capable of improving dry skin and other skin infections including stretch marks. Likewise in a 2010 study using rats, virgin coconut oil helped to get rid of skin wounds.

There are several health and beauty stores both online and offline decide on the quality and virgin coconut oil that you can use every day to rub your skin so that you’ll be able to get rid of the stretch marks within a short period of time.

It is very important to consult your doctor before you begin to use coconut oil because it may not effective for your stretch marks depending on the condition of your skin. After using coconut oil for some time and there’s no improvement then you can make use of another natural remedy for stretch marks.


Centella Asiatica is one of the most effective herbs that comes with several health benefits aside from that it is also one of the major ingredients in Korean beauty (K-beauty) products.

Cica creams and products containing Centella are sometimes used as scar treatments or to help calm, get rid of several skin infections, and repair sensitive skin.

Cica creams are one of the most popular body creams in the United States and other countries of the world because of the Centella that is included in it. Centella helps to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. 

Now you know the most effective natural methods of treating stretch marks, this methods are simple and easy to treat stretch marks. Aside from that, you don’t need to spend huge amount of money before you can make use of these methods to get rid of your stretch marks and lastly they are safe for your skin and your health they do not come with any side effect or negative impact on your health.

On the other hand there are several medications that can help you to get rid of stretch marks within a short period of time.


Microneedling is one of the most effective device that is used to creates tiny pricks in your skin. This will help the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, which could help loose skin appear tighter.

Microneedling goes deeper into your skin to target the skin’s healing function which is more effective and more safely, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) .

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel can also help you to get rid of stretch marks within short period of time because it is involved the application of an acid, like glycolic acid, to the skin’s surface. 

Chemical peels are more effective and powerful than natural or at-home versions and are applied in-office because it helps to provide a deep exfoliation of the skin and promote collagen production, per a 2018 review . This will help you to

stretch marks look smaller, but the available evidence is limited.

Radiofrequency Therapy

Radiofrequency therapy is also one of the most effective methods of getting rid of your stretch marks because it helps to treat and send energy waves into your skin which app store stimulates collagen production.

Recently, radiofrequency treatments have been combined with micro needling treatments to send more energy waves deeper into the skin. The needle penetrates into the skin to release radiofrequency into the channels, stimulating deeper layers of collagen, per 2019 research.

There was research in 2019 that indicate the effectiveness of radiofrequency therapy and show that it helps to improve the look of stretch marks, other studies are still needed to understand how it compares to other available treatments.


Microdermabrasion is also one of the most effective method of treating your stretch marks it involved the exfoliating of your skin in a way that at-home or natural remedies can’t.

Using a handheld wand, a professional applies an abrasive substance to your skin to gently scrub away dead skin cells.


Get Rid of Stretch Marks

It is very important to take good care of your skin especially when you are nursing your baby or  during pregnancy because you are at high risk of stress mark as this period. Always use and effective body cream so that it will help to reduce the risk of stretch mark during and after pregnancy.


If you are currently living with stretch marks, then you need to consult your doctor before you make use of any of the medications that helps to get rid of stretch marks so that it won’t have any negative impact on your skin and your health. Likewise the natural methods of treating stretch marks should be used with caution so that it won’t comes with side effects on your skin and health.

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