Health Benefits Of Thyme

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This informative article is all about the health benefit of thyme. Thyme is a popular herb that is used by millions of people across the globe some use it to cook their meal while some use it to prepare tea. If you want to know the health benefit of thyme and other informations about it, then you need read this informative article to the end so that you understand the whole article.

Health Benefits Of Thyme

Thyme Helps To Stop Coughing

Thyme is one of the most effective natural remedies for cough, you don’t need to invest a lot of money on manufactured supplement that comes with numerous side effect. To stop your cough regardless of your age or the nature of the cough. All you need to do is to take two tsp of thyme essential oil or make use of thyme tea.

Thyme essential oil is produce from thyme leaves it is one of the natural remedy for coughing.

There was a study where thyme and ivy leaves are combined to alleviate coughing and others symptoms of acute bronchitis.

So whenever you expressed any cough or sore throat take 2 tsp of thyme on or thyme tea.

You may experience any side effect if you did not take both thyme essential oil or thyme tea with caution, that is why you need to consult your doctor before taken any.

Thyme Helps To Lower Blood Pressure

Thyme is also one of the most effective natural remedy for blood pressure moderation, if you want to lower your blood pressure then regular consumption of thyme tea should be your priority.

There was a study that shows that thyme essential oil and thyme tea can reduce blood pressure in rat with high blood pressure likewise lower cholesterol level.

High consumption or over consumption of salt is one of the major causes of heart disease and other related health problems, to reduce these heart attack or heart failure and other problems you can make use of thyme as salt alternative in your food because thyme taste well. Aside from that, it also add additional aroma to your meal and makes it healthy.

Thyme Protect You From Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is one of the most dangerous and popular cancer cells in the body, there was a study that work carried out in Lisbon, Portugal that shows that thyme extract supplement can protect people from colon cancer.

It will be better to make use of thyme to protect yourself against colon cancer than to make use of manufactured supplements that are expensive and also comes with several side effect.

Thyme Helps To Boost Your Immunity

As you grow older your immune system become weaker, so regular consumption of thyme tea will help to boost your immune system, although there are numerous manufacturers supplement that can boost your immune system but using thyme to boost your immune system is better because it has several vitamins and minerals and it doesn’t comes with any side effect.

Thyme comes with all the vitamins that your body needs because you can’t get them all from the normal food that you eat everyday, these vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin A and all the vitamins and minerals.

Thyme tea is the best for you especially when you feel cold it will bring you back to good health because it it is a great source of copper, iron, fibre, and manganese.

Thyme Helps To Breast Cancer

Thyme is a natural remedy for blood cancer, it helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer and also reduce the effect of breast cancer if you are already living with this type of cancer.

There was a research in Turkey where researchers prove the effect of wild thyme on bread cancer activity, and how it affected cell death, and gene-related events in breast cancer cells. This study shows that wild thymes are effective herb that can cause the death of breast cancer cells.

Thyme Help To Solve Movement Disorders

Thyme is one of the most used natural remedy for moving disorder especially children among children with dyspraxia.

Regular consumption of thyme essential oil and evening primrose oil, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin A, and all the vitamins will help to improve movement disorder because the combination of this will increase the vitamin minerals and other components that will improve movement.


Thyme is one of the most used herbs in the world both domestically and industrially because it comes with numerous vitamins, minerals, and other components like copper, iron, and others.

These are the benefit of thyme, although the list are unlimited, both adult and old can make use of thyme essential oil and thyme tea, you can add thyme to your daily meal, it will make your food more natural and also add amazing aroma into it.

Regular consumption of thyme essential oil and thyme tea will prevent numerous health problems that may cause several pains if it is not cure immediately.

Thyme is good for your health, likewise it may be bad if it is not taken with caution. That is the main reason you should to consult your doctor before taking thyme essential oil and thyme tea.

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