Healthy Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Healthy Foods That Could Lower Your Risk Of Cancer


Healthy Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer


Cancer is a deadly disease it kills millions of people across the globe every year, some became the victim of cancer because they can’t afford to buy the necessary drug anticancer drug, hospital bill and others.

If you are currently living any kind of cancer then you are very lucky for find this informative article on the internet, because this article will help you to save thousands of dollars that should be spend on anticancer drug and hospital bill.

This informative article is about the healthy foods that are capable of lowering the risk of cancer and also reduce the effect of cancer if you are living with cancer already. 

Healthy Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer


Garlic one of the foods that can lower your risk of cancer, it has allicin, a compound that is capable of killing cancer cells in several test-tube studies.

Scientific studies has also shown that garlic intake is can lower risk of numerous types of cancer.

Another test of 471 men showed that the higher consumption of garlic help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

One study with 543,220 participants which it was found out that those people who ate lots of Allium vegetables, like as garlic, shallots, onions and leeks had a lower risk of stomach cancer than those who rarely eat allium vegetable.



There are several research that has found out that consumption of nuts helps to  be lower risk of all types of cancer, in a study of diets of 19,386 people and found that consumption of higher amount of nuts helps to reduce the risk of from cancer. 

Likewise another study of 30,708 people who are over 30 years of age and found that eating nuts regularly can reduce the risk of colorectal, pancreatic and endometrial cancers, another research also shown that some nuts linked to a lower the risk of cancer. 


Beans is a healthy food with high in fiber, it was studies and show that Beans reduce the risk of colorectal and other types of cancer.

There was a study of 1,905 people with history of colorectal tumors, and it found that those who eat more cooked beans have a decreased risk of tumor

recurrence, also there is an animal study that shown that feeding rats black beans or navy beans and then inducing colon cancer stopped the development of cancer cells by over 75%.


Tomatoes is also one of the foods that can help you to reduce the risk of cancer, and help to kill cancer cells in your body if you are living with cancer already. 

There are several compounds that are found in tomatoes that is responsible for its vibrant red color and also it’s anticancer compounds.

Consumption of tomatoes is one of the cheapest method of treating cancer, although you can’t use ordinary tomatoes to cure cancer, but it helps to reduce the effect of the cell in your body.

There is a study of 47,365 people found that higher consumption of tomato sauce helps to reuce risk of developing prostate cancer. 


Carrot is one of the most healthy food you can eat to prevent and one the natural method of killing cancer cells in your body. 

There are numerous studies that shown that the consumption of more carrots helps to decreased risk of all types of cancer, another scientific research shown the results of five studies

and shown that the consumption of carrots reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 26%, likewise other research found that eating carrots reduce 18% risk of developing prostate cancer.


Now you know the foods that can reduce the symptoms of cancer, make sure you always eat these foods, aside from that there are also some foods that can increase your risk of cancer, try as much as you can to stop consumption of these foods.

Foods That Increase Your Risk Of Cancer

Processed Meat

If you don’t want to die of cancer avoid the consumption of processed meats like

hot dogs, bacon and any meats that are not natural, it is not good for your health. 

Processed meat can increase your risk of cancer within short time, eat natural meat that is cooked properly with healthy ingredients. 

Red Meat 


Red meat is also one the list of foods that can increase the effect cancer in your body, if you are living with the disease already, eat fish, chicken and other meats, aside from meat you can eat other protein source foods like Beans, milk, egg and others. 


Make sure you avoid alcohol, alcohol is not healthy for your body system generally, either you are cancer patient or not. 

Alcohol is not good for anyone who want to live a healthy life, drink fruit juice, milk and other drinks instead of alcohol.

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