11 Tips for Healthy Holidays

Healthy holiday

11 Tips for Healthy Holidays

If you are reading this, I am sure you love holidays and always long for one, then you can make it a healthy holiday. A holiday is always an exciting experience that everyone enjoys; the moments you eat your favorite food, visit places you love, stay with friends and family, and engage in various sports. Mainly during these holidays, we always neglect essential things that contribute to healthy living.

Holiday contributes to every sector of our lives; physical, mental, and emotional health, and it always has a positive effect. Despite the distractions and you can still have a healthy holiday. A healthy holiday aims to make every experience worth it: healthier, more straightforward, easier, and more satisfying. According to research and studies, for many of the population, traveling for a holiday or going on a holiday keeps them away from being healthy. 

Attractive, here are a few benefits of a healthy holiday: 

  • Spare you from your hectic schedules
  • You develop new habits 
  • Creates a better pattern for living healthy
  • It increases your physical, mental, and social capacity.

Tips for a healthy holiday

Here are healthy tips that will make out a good routine for your healthy holiday because you need to stay healthy irrespective of your location.

Eat healthy fruits daily

Have you noticed how reactive your digestive system is whenever you travel? If you answer yes, you need to watch what you put in your belly. A healthy holiday should be your priority, but that hasn’t made your holiday less exciting. Holidays give you the power to choose what to feast on, making fruit the best option anytime or anywhere. 

Keep a tray or basket of colorful fruit closer to you. Bananas, apples, cucumbers, oranges, strawberries, pears, and many more fruits make up a healthy basket. Before you realize it, you’ve had breakfast. 

Likewise, if you’re traveling in your holidays, each fruit has its attachment or uniqueness concerning the regions you found yourself. Aside from that, fruits contain essential nutrients and elements to keep you healthy; they have the required fiber, vitamins, calcium, and proteins. Grab a fruit today.

Healthy holiday requires activeness

Exercise often

Consider your environment before embarking on your workout. You might think that is unnecessary, but your environment contributes to your functioning and survival. If a question like “what makes up a healthy holiday?” Exercising (or workout) should be among your answers. The effects of exercising cannot be overemphasized. It is often recommended as a remedy for specific medical conditions and is beneficial to all ages. 

During holidays few people work out; they spend the whole holidays adding calories. Outdoor exercising is a practical approach to getting rid of calories without even noticing because outdoor distractions keep your mind off it and make it fun. It would be best if you tried to exercise at least 10 to 20 minutes daily; keeping this routine throughout your holidays will make it a healthy holiday. You can try pushups, squats, lunges, taking the stairs, running, or walking. Also, outdoor exercises such as mountain hikes or river tubing. 

Note: keep your workouts simple and easy for you. Keep a healthy holiday in mind.

Be social; interact

Do you know that traveling or hanging out for holidays often opens you to unplanned interaction with strangers? It would be best if you started observing that. These encounters always benefit your health, especially your mental health. The brain responds to the new connections you make by secreting the happy hormone called serotonin. 

Be intentional about keeping a healthy holiday by connecting with people; it aids in relieving stress and learning new ways of life from cultures, regions, and countries. 

Healthy holiday gives creativity

Grow your creativity: take note of every bit

The world now revolves around creativity which can also be termed the power of the mind. A healthy holiday increases cognitive capacity, helps to relieve mental stress, and helps to create a new perspective on life and problems. 

Work stresses our life which is detrimental to our health. Visiting new places opens you to new inspiration to solve problems or go about your daily endeavors. Likewise, you’re left with a higher chance to develop new skills and talents which might have been robbed of you. Holidays are relieving, and choose to make them healthy. Choose to make it a healthy holiday.

Eat fewer carbs or cut them off

The world is filled with carbs; you find them almost everywhere. Carb has a funny way of slotting themselves into our daily meal, which makes it difficult to avoid them, but for a healthy holiday, you need to reduce them. 

The holiday always opens the belly to varieties of dishes we might not be able to tame, but you can substitute them for vegetarian dishes. Eating fewer carbs reduces your chances of having excess calories and developing diabetes and obesity.

Moreover, not all carbs are unhealthy. Meanwhile, healthy carbs will make a healthy holiday worth it. They make a good recipe for you to stay healthy. You have to be picky and avoid unnecessarily consuming carbs with limited benefits. What you eat affects your healthy holiday.

Have a regular sleep

Healthy holiday; good sleeping habit

Can you do without sleep? Well, that’s a rhetorical question. Who doesn’t need a night of sleep? Of course, we all need to sleep. Sleep is a beneficial activity that comes with a lot of benefits. It contributes to physical, mental, and emotional health. Walking, standing, running, and jumping while hanging out or traveling is enough to weaken the body, only which can be rejuvenated by sleeping. It helps to calm all nerves, organs, and systems. 

Also, sleeping for a few hours before your flights or during the flights helps to prevent jetlag due to crossing time zones. Skipping your sleep will make you overeat. You should plan your rest during your holidays, that makes it a healthy holiday. Avoid alcohol; it interferes with your sleeping patterns, which is also detrimental to your mental health. Ensure you sleep regularly.

Plan and pack your snacks 

To enjoy your holiday period, you might need some refreshing snacks to maintain the feeling. Remember, the goal is to have a healthy holiday, plan the holidays and be picky with your snacks. This will prevent you from going around feasting on every snack your way and save money. Whatever you consume will always show on you. You can still snack on a healthy holiday.

Always drink enough water

Going on holiday comes with a satisfying pleasure that keeps your observation off what matters most time. People tend to consume more carbonated or sugary drinks while on holiday, which is detrimental to health. For a healthy holiday, it demands that you drink enough water which is one of the contributing factors to a healthy body system.

Traveling by air drains the water content in the body. You should pick a reusable water bottle; it serves as a reserve water source whenever you feel thirsty, but it is not advisable and healthy to wait until you’re thirsty before you take your water. Water is more of a medicine. The water performs the following functions:

  • Regulates the body temperature
  • Remove toxins or poison in the body
  • Increases the flow of blood
  • Lubricates the joints and the eyes 
  • Increases the blood volume 
  • It also aids in digestion

Be conscious of your skin

The skin is the largest organ in human beings. The skin performs a lot of functions that contribute to well-being, which is often abused during holidays. A healthy holiday ensures you take care of the skin daily to avoid certain medical conditions. The skin protects the vital organs and tissues in the body from invaders, which is why it has to come in contact with the skin before an infection occurs. 

While enjoying the vibe of the holiday, you can make it a healthy holiday by covering your skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun with clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses containing 6% of zinc oxide or titanium oxide, and it helps to avoid skin cancer. Likewise, eat a balanced diet and drink enough water. Your skin tells a lot about you. It would be best if you kept it healthy and glowing. You tend to look more attractive in your healthy holiday routine.

Be hygienic

This is one of the highest contributing factors to well-being. The perfect protection you can embrace to fend off infection and prevent certain medical conditions. During the holidays, we get involved with various activities in which we get our hands contaminated, but there is no course for alarm; always wash your hands and get rid of germs. Also, traveling to different places might expose you to new infections, but try to get your hand washed or use a hand sanitizer, meaning you should always keep a hand sanitizer with you. The hand sanitizer should contain at least 50% alcohol. Stay hygienic to ascertain a healthy holiday.

First aid kit for a healthy holiday


Injuries and wounds are inevitable, especially when your kids are involved. A first aid kit will come in handy to access unwanted situations. If you want a healthy holiday, you must have the safety your safety and that of the people around you in mind. Safety also matters while you are on a healthy holiday.

In conclusion, a healthy holiday contributes to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Take responsibility for every experience you choose to have, overseeing when you wake up in the morning to when you go back to bed. Stay safe and stay healthy. Your health is your wealth.