What Lemon Haters are Missing

What Lemon Haters are Missing


Interestingly about lemon, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which is largely deposited in lemon fruits, is very vital and has been known to be highly helpful in preventing serious health issues (complications) such as skin wrinkling, immune system deficiencies, prenatal health issues, eye disease, and cardiovascular (heart disease) and in some other proves; cancer, and then followed by stroke. Others prove that a great consumption of ascorbic acid may be the best treatment for ordinary cold; although not the case in most situations. A studious researcher proved that a higher concentration of vitamin C in blood circulation is a perfect nutritional pointer in the entire human body wellness.

A deficiency in ascorbic acid has been found to be linked to delay wound healing, anemia, bleeding gums, infections, scurvy, and bruising. These health issues can also be a foundation for many other serious ailments

Fortunately for lovers of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), an entire raw lemon with its peels provide about 82 milligram of ascorbic acid; this indicates that to get a daily required level of about 500 milligrams per day, you should take up to 5 to 6 balls of lemon alongside its peels daily. However, a 1/4cup of lemon is more than sufficient in providing up to 32 % daily required intake of ascorbic acid, according to a World Healthiest Fruits’ unconfirmed claim, based on an easy calculation.

Lemon fruit is a good fruit that is often neglected, and its unique health facts underestimated; nonetheless, this article is aimed at revealing some health hacks of this fruit to you.

Health Benefits of Lemon

The ascorbic acid in lemon is the basic property for most of its health advantages. It is a vital vitamin required by your body system, as it cuts across maintaining the health of many organs in the body and putting them on constant check. The vitamin in lemon fruit acts as a stong antioxidant which in turn aid to prevent many diseases triggered by cell damages.

Improved Iron Absorption

A recommended level of ascorbic acid is necessary for iron absorption in our body. Anemia is debilitating health condition triggered by a deficiency in a principal nutrient ‘iron’. However, taking food high in lemon with other iron-based foods can boost the ability for our body to absorb iron.

Weight Loss

A 2008 research study carried out on mouse fed with high-fat diets and lemon peels for over 2 and half weeks, revealed that the mouse gain less weight when compared to some other mouse that ate only high-fat diets. Another research study claimed that ladies that consumed a lemon detox diet for up to a week had greater improvements in body weight, body mass index (BMI), insulin resistance, and body fat; and they also added an amazing waist to hip ratio. Other unverified studies claimed that lemon can add effectively to weight loss.

Bright Complexion

Our skin gets part of its effectiveness from a support protein known as collagen which can easily be denatured when the skin gets exposed excess of solar radiation, aged, polluted environment, and many more factors. Ascorbic acid in lemon plays a vital role in collagen formation; another study of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) on rodents have it that eating natural forms of this vitamin such as lemon can aid prevent many skin damages.

Control of Blood Pressure

A research conducted on women inferred that ladies who ate lemon frequently had reduced blood pressure than placebo that did not. Although no sufficient shreds of evidence was found to prove the fact since there are many other factors that can also contribute to blood pressure lowering.

Immune System Boost

Due to the elevated content of ascorbic acid in lemon (an antioxidant), lemon has the ability to boost our body’s immune system against flu-causing pathogens and other germs that can foster common cold. A study also revealed that while this vitamin (vitamin C) supplements do not often aid to reduce cold in some folks, it, however, has been confirmed to successfully lower the duration of time the cold lasts. An entire lemon squeezed into a glass cup together with hot water and a spoonful of sweet honey can soothe your cough and cold.

If I were you, I will invest in lemon for its beneficial magical abilities, just for my dear health!

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